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What is Wilko Insiders all about?
Wilko Insiders is an online community made up of people who are interested in Wilko. It’s the place we go to hear what our customers think about a variety of topics. Whether you shop with us all the time or just once in a while, your feedback is really important to us.

Who can join the Wilko Insiders panel?
To become a member, you need to be a Wilko shopper aged 18 years or older. You also need to have an email account (to receive survey invitations) and internet access. Joining the panel is easy, simply click here and follow the instructions.

What information is required to become a panel member?
To join the panel, we’ll ask you to take a member profile questionnaire. This allows us to ensure that the panel is reflective of our customers and also helps us to make your panel experience more relevant to you. Your member profile will include basic contact information and details such as gender and age. We’ll also ask you several questions about the way you like to shop.

What happens after I join?
Once you've joined, keep an eye on your inbox for emails from Wilko Insiders. These email invitations will contain links to participate in surveys on topics relevant to you. Each time you complete a survey you’ll be entered into our monthly prize draw for a chance to win a £50 Wilko gift card or one of two £25 Wilko gift cards.

You can also choose to enter you receipt details after every shopping trip to get extra entries into the monthly prize draw.

How long will I have to complete each survey?
The surveys usually shouldn’t take any longer than 15 minutes to complete, depending on your internet speed. You will typically have between 3 days and one week to complete each survey.

How many surveys do I have to complete?
On average you’ll be sent 1 or 2 invitations to take a survey each month. Although we’d love to hear from you as much as possible, you’re never obligated to take any surveys so you can pick and choose the times that suit you.

How do I enter my till receipt information?
Click here to see the instructions on how to enter your store till receipt details. Each valid receipt that is entered gives you one more entry in to the monthly prize draw.

Why do you want my till receipt details?
The numbers from till receipts allow us to form a better understanding of our customers and make customers’ panel experiences even more relevant. Please be reassured that your purchasing history will not be personally identifiable and that the data will only be used in aggregate format with reference to surveys and the receipt data.

Will I be able to select the types of surveys in which I participate?
The information that you give in the member profile will help us to send surveys that are relevant to you. You can choose whether or not you complete any surveys that we send you.

How long will I remain on the panel?
You may remain on the panel as long as you choose and we’d love to keep hearing from you.
If you do choose to leave the panel, you can unsubscribe by clicking the button found at the bottom of the emails that you receive from us. Alternatively log in and select “update”, then click the unsubscribe button on the bottom of the User Profile Information page.

Will my profile information be sold to other companies?
The information collected by the Wilko Insiders panel is not sold or distributed to any company. All information is strictly confidential and privacy is guaranteed. Your name will never be sold, exchanged, or distributed to any other party without your express acknowledgement. See our Privacy Policy for complete details.

What if I forget my password?
If you cannot remember your password, simply click on the “Forgot password” button on the panel login page to have it emailed to yourself. If you continue to experience problems you can click on the Technical Support link in the bottom left corner of the page.

How do I complete a survey?
You will be emailed a unique link for each survey you are invited to complete. Simply click on the link included in the email or alternatively cut and paste the address into a web browser of your choice and complete the survey form on-line.

Are there any prizes for filling out the survey?
Yes! We realise your time is valuable so for every survey you complete, you will receive an entry into our monthly prize draw where you can win a £50 Wilko gift card or one of two £25 Wilko gift cards.

How will I know if I have won?
Winners are notified individually by e-mail and a list of the latest winners can be found in the main member page after you login.

How can I be sure you got my responses?
If you would like to ensure that your responses have been received, you can click on the survey link when you are done. A message stating that you have already completed the survey will appear.

What do we do with survey results?
The surveys we send will be about ideas or problems that we want a customer view on. The answers we get will help us to better understand our customers and to make decisions that will improve your shopping experience. Your feedback and participation is invaluable!

Do you pass on any of my data to companies?
The Privacy Policy confirms that none of your personal details are passed on to any persons, companies or organisations. When we get the data from each survey from Vision Critical we do not receive your name or address alongside the results. The only time we will see your name or address is when we are sent the contact details of the prize winners. This information is sent separately from the survey results.

Anything else?
If you have any other questions that we have not answered above, please feel free to contact us at